Untold History Of Hindol (2): Beginning Of Royal Era(The Gangabanshis)

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During 1553AD the people of Hindol were seeking for a change.

Then the 2 Prince of Khemidi(Khemundi) elder Chandradeba Jenamani & younger Uddhabadeba Jenamani were near Mukundadeba. They heard the situation of Hindol. They expressed their feelings of conquering Hindol near Mukundadeba. He sent the brothers with the priest Dinabandhu Mishra and some of the soldiers.
They first reached at Lahada. The then Pradhan of the village was Bhikari Khanduala he shared some secrets of the state and the kingdom. With the help of Khanduala they met Jagu Samal & Achyut Patra who promised them to gave some Paika's to the brothers. People were seeking for a change so it takes a few time to unite the Paikas.
They attacked Dudurkote and killed the seven brothers of Samal dynasty. There wives went for Satidaha Pratha. Seeing these the mind of Chandradeba Jenamani changed,he left everything and took Sannyas.

In 1554AD Uddhabadeba became the King of Hindol.(The first Gangabanshi king of Hindol.) He built a fort on a hill nearby the capital. At the age of 28 he married to the princess of Anugul Charusheela Dei. He ruled for 27 years and died in 1581AD.

Khemidi (Khemundi) is the present day Paralakhemundi. The actual name was Khemundi as mentioned in the Gangabanshi histories and in some inscriptions from 9th century. The britishers used Khemidi instead of Khemundi. Under the influence of British rule most of the coastal areas used Khemidi instead of Khemundi. 
The two brothers are actually the family members of Kapilendradeba. He gave his kingdom to Purusottamadeba so his own 18 sons went to Madhyapradesh, South Odisha and established kingdoms there. These brothers are of the family who established kingdom in Khemundi. After having a verbal fight with the King, the prince brothers went to Mukundadeba and stayed with him. 
There's also a folklore that the two brothers brought an ideal of the deity Kanakadurga, who came in their dream and dreamt them to conquer Hindol. 
After Uddhabadeba Jenamani 4 Rajas having Jenamani title ruled from 1581AD to 1623AD. There's not much more written or heard about their tenure.

In 1623AD from the same dynasty but having different title Nandadeba Maharatha ruled the kingdom. He got the title Maharatha from the Gajapati. He was very naughty in his childhood.  During his visit to Puri Jagannath Dham he defeated the finest malla yoddha(wrestler) so the Gajapati gave him the title. He married to the princess of Banki. During his tenure to avoid the lack of vedic bramhins in Hindol he brought a Brahmin named Kashwar Mishra from Puri and setup a Brahmin Shashan(Village dedicated to Brahmins) named Nandapur Shashan. He made Kashwar Mishra the Rajpurohit (Royal priest).

Dhenkanal Hindol war told the bravery of Nandadeba.
A Paika Sardar of Dhenkanal attacked Ishwarapalagad of Hindol looted some villages and took Gadanayak Charan Samal in their custody. After listening this Nandadeba Maharatha with his soldiers attacked Dhenkanal. The fight took place in Ganjara village. Finally the Dhenkanal soldiers step back. Nandadeba added Baunshapal of Dhenkanal in Hindol.

He ruled till 1640AD. After his death 3 Rajas having Maharatha title ruled the state till 1670AD. There's not much more written or heard about their tenure.

  • Uddhabadeba Jenamani 1554-1581 AD
  • Dameideba Jenamani 1581-1586 AD
  • Brajabiharideba Jenamani 1586-1594 AD
  • Ramachandradeba Jenamani 1594-1618 AD
  • Nakuladeba Jenamani 1618-1623 AD
  • Nandadeba Maharatha 1623-1640 AD
  • Rushideba Maharatha 1640-1642 AD
  • Gangadhardeba Maharatha 1642-1665 AD
  • Harideba Maharatha 1665-1670 AD 


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