7 yrs of Hostel Life

30th June 2008
A life changing day for me. I stepped to my hostel life. I couldn't tolerate my emotions in that painstaking moment as I am a homesick. Soon after 3 months I adjusted myself in the hostel and moved ahead.
But 3 months earlier, after the 5th examinations, Grandpa as my pathfinder decided to leave me in hostel. As per the hostel authority, I should join on 21st of June, but the simple heart of a grandpa could see the love and affection of the child towards his family. After 9 days I kept my first step in hostel life with a weeping face. It was a Monday in "Marthapur Saraswati Shishu Mandir ", when I had to go school, but luckily it was a holiday for "Acharya Vikash Divas".
I was a alien for the boys and they were too. Teacher were trying to make us quite. Gradual dealing made me fit for that atmosphere and everything went right. I joined RSS these days. I made new friends and enjoyed their, but I had to face another difficulty over me.
Grandpa shifted me to another residential Saraswati Shishu Mandir situated at Cuttack for another 3 years and this time I was ready, but the pain was with me in leaving my friends. I think it's the hostel where I got my nation first ideology & became fully sanghi.3 years later I passed my 10th board and thought of getting relief from hostel life. After the academic sessions and examinations I weren't home.
3 months later
Get up beta, it's 7, you have to go, said my Mama. I suddenly removed the blanket from my face and asked where? You don't know to your new hostel said Grandpa. I get tensed and angry suddenly and threw the flower bowl on the floor. Grandpa tried to console me and after a conversation of 60 minutes I agreed and with a smiling face I went to the bathroom.
30th June 2013
The same day I joined in the hostel of Gyan Bharat college, Bhubaneswar. Coincidentally it was a holiday, but that time there is no tears in my eyes, after all there is an experience of 5 years.
Actually Grandpa made me understood about the future and only for which I agreed to him and with this my new hostel life starts and again I made my new friends, relationship and enjoyed 7 years of hostel life.
Last but not the least: Elders always speaks the truth and everything what they said, if you obey , success is not so far...........

Below are some snaps of my hostel life

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